Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.

Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. 写真

About Us

Company name Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.
Location 〒160-0022
Kitayuraku Bldg. 2F, 1-3-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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What we do Development, manufacturing, and sales of “FARBOT,” a smart agriculture robot, as well as the cultivation and sales of Shine Muscat from its own research farms
Operation of “P-it,” a DX market system that will allow agricultural produce to be distributed in new ways
Main accomplishments MIC: Development of systems that determine ripeness and support harvests utilizing AI-controlled robots, as well as analyze supply and demand at strawberry farms for tourists in Saitama prefecture as a part of the “Development demonstrations for realizing local 5G services to solve issues” (FY 2021, in collaboration with MAFF projects)
Ibaraki Prefecture: DX Innovation Promotion Project (FY 2021)

Field trial data

Theme of field trail Utilizing cutting-edge technologies in industrial fields that are suffering from a shortage of next-generation leaders (such as farming)
Tokyo site Oshima High School
Product / Service Overview “FARBOT” has excellent customizability, such as the ability to change its vehicle size in response to the needs of the worksite and operating location, as well as the ability to perform multiple operations with a combination of several functions
Offers robots that possess functions not available on existing markets, such as the ability to conduct niche operations that are useful in situations that cannot be resolved by existing machines or communicate using its communication function, in a way that best fits the needs of the worksite
Outline of field trials Agriculture and forestry students will use “FARBOT” with the goal of improving productivity and improving the perception/appeal of the field of agriculture
Plan to inspect what impact utilizing smart agriculture robots will have in improving productivity by comparing how many work hours are needed in tasks such as pest control and cultivation management
Plan to inspect what impact improving the perception/appeal of this field will have by questioning students on topics such as their desire to work in the field of agriculture and their understanding of smart agriculture

Message from the CEO

山口 征浩氏 写真

Masahiro Yamaguchi

Japan is seeing a sharp decline in its population of workers engaged in agriculture and is also slowly losing the agriculture knowledge it has cultivated over these many years with no one to pass this knowledge on to. Japan will need to find ways to utilize technology to compensate for these issues. Our goal will be to contribute to the sustainability and growth of Japan's agriculture through the robots and a variety of technologies our company offers.

Support for agriculture on Japan's remote islands is one form of futuristic agriculture. Robots and network will allow multiple people to share the status of their farms in real-time, expanding the possibilities in agriculture management. In addition, introducing smart technologies into physically demanding tasks, such as the spraying of pesticides, will have a psychological impact that will make it easier for new employees to engage in these tasks, while also cutting down on labor. We hope to contribute to creating a bright future for Japan's agriculture through the King Salmon Project.