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Startup company growth and problem solving- Towards the realization of Startup City, Tokyo -

March 2, 2021, Tuesday13:00–14:30Online event

This project is aiming at carrying out field trials by using services which startups provide, contributing to startup company growth, and solving social issues facing Tokyo.

At this event, the adopted startup companies will report the results of the field trials. Additionally, discussions with experts of startup company support and management members of unicorn companies in Japan on each adopted companies’ future prospects and challenges will be held.

This event aims at sharing the content and progress of this project and helping to realize “Startup City, Tokyo.” We are looking forward to your participation, as well as the participation from local government officials and related companies.

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Program Details

Towards the realization of Startup City, Tokyo

Masashi Yonezu, Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Introduction of King Salmon Project

King Salmon Project business promoter (Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC)

Report on the results of field trials by adopted startup companies

Daigo Orihara (CEO, Innophys Co., Ltd.)
Fumiko Kato (President / CEO, WAmazing, Inc.)
Naoji Taniguchi (President / CEO / CTO, Holoeyes Inc.)
Atsushi Nakanishi (CEO, Triple W Japan Inc.)

Panel Discussion

- Achievements and future growth issues of startup companies -

Keiko Hamada (Journalist, former chief editor of Business Insider Japan)
Soichi Kariyazono (Managing Partner, GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS & Co.)
Taichi Yamaguchi (CSO, TBM Co., Ltd.)
Four other adopted startup companies

* Please note that the schedule and event details are subject to change without notice.

About the Moderator

  • 浜田 敬子

    Former chief editor of Business Insider Japan / Former chief editor of AERA

    Keiko Hamada

    In 1989, she joined Asahi Shimbun. After working at the editorial department of Aasahi Weekly, she has been in the AERA since 1999. After a career as deputy editor and acting chief editor, she was appointed as the chief editor in 2016. She left the Asahi Shimbun in March 2017.
    In April 2017, she was appointed chief editor of Business Insider Japan which is an online economic media that is available in 17 countries. In December 2020, she left the company.
    She is active as a commentator on TV shows such as “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show” and “Sunday Morning.” She also gives lectures on diversity and work style reforms. She also wrote “Working Woman and Sense of Guilt” (published by SHUEISHA).

About the Speakers

  • 仮屋薗 聡一

    Managing Partner, GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS & Co.
    Chairman, Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA)

    Soichi Kariyazono

    After a career as a strategic management consultant at Sanwa Research Institute Corp., he joined GLOBIS Corporation in 1996 to establish a venture capital firm. After a career as the first fund manager, he was appointed as a partner by Apax Globis Partners in 1999. In 2006, he was appointed as Managing Partner, and continues in this role today.
    He has served as an Honorary Chairman of Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA) since 2019 after serving as Chairman from 2015. He received a BA in Law from Keio University in Japan and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business.

  • 山口 太一

    TBM Co., Ltd.
    Corporate Officer

    Taichi Yamaguchi

    He was in charge of new business development in the production service headquarters of Fuji Zerox Co., Ltd.. He then engaged in business revitalization support and M&A support while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In September 2015, he joined TBM Co., Ltd.
    He formulates business plans, business strategies, and capital policies, and promotes alliances among startups.

  • Innophys Co., Ltd.

    Daigo Orihara

  • WAmazing, Inc.

    Fumiko Kato

  • Holoeyes Inc.

    Naoki Taniguchi

  • Triple W Japan Inc.

    Atsushi Nakanishi

For more information, please see the “About adopted companies” page.

About Adopted

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