Progress of field test

Initial Report

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Holoeyes Inc. plans to begin field trials at the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital on Monday, November 30.
Verifications through VR in work productivity and efficiency will be conducted by providing services that can be used for surgery examinations, training, education, and more by converting 3D data generated from CT scans and MRIs into VR.
We plan to verify the effectiveness of this service on the efficiency of surgeries and the effect on the degrees of understanding of surgical staff and patients through surveys given to doctors who use the service.
This field trial will be carried out until the end of January 2021.

Final Report

The field trial conducted by Holoeyes Inc. at Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital and Tokyo Metropolitan Tama General Medical Center has been completed February 12, 2021.

In the field trial, we used questionnaires and interviews with doctors to ask the change anatomical understanding of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery case when sing the service which thereby verify the usefulness of the 3D CT imaging.

First, in the questionnaire on the degree of anatomical understanding for cases of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, doctors evaluated the degree of anatomical understanding on a scale of 10, and compared it with two-dimensional images and three-dimensional images by 2D monitor, which is a conventional method, we confirmed the improvement in the degree of understanding by three-dimensional images using 3D space conducted in this demonstration. In addition, it was confirmed that the improvement in the degree of understanding was the highest especially for the latter term residents, when compared by the degree of experience of doctors * (Up to 37.6% improvement).

Degree of anatomical understanding

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Degree of anatomical understanding (by users)

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In the questionnaire on the usefulness for laparoscopic hepatectomy, doctors evaluated the usefulness of the service on a scale of 5, and the average value of all items was 4.28, confirming the usefulness of three-dimensional images in 3D space. By category, we confirmed that "To determine the location of the tumor" received a particularly high rating of 4.50.

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In interviews regarding the usefulness of the service in surgical simulation and preoperative conferences, physicians commented that "It was a good simulation." and "felt like the effort (the amount of mental and physical energy used to accomplish a goal) went down" which confirms that the service was acknowledge for its usefulness in improving anatomical understanding

Based on the results of the above verification, we believe that the service provided by Holoeyes to create 3D model on VR space is highly in increasing the efficiency of surgery and improving training effectiveness. At the same time, operational issues such as unstable network environment and differences in the degree of retention of operations among the doctors were identified, and measures necessary for the introduction of services at hospitals and other facilities were also clarified.

In the future, we will use the results of the verification test to promote the introduction of public procurement.

Progress of Demonstration Experiments by Other Adopted Companies