Progress of field test

Promotion of Public Procurement

FY2020 Startups

Based on the results of field trial conducted by startup in FY 2020, the products and services were certified based on the Order for Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Act 167-21-4. With this certification, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be able to purchase the products and services by private contract.

  • Innophys Co., Ltd.

    Innophys Co., Ltd.

    “Muscle Suit Every”

    • An assist suit that uses artificial muscles to assist the lower back
    • Operates by using pneumatic pumps to manually pump air into artificial pneumatic muscles without the need for electricity
  • Triple W Japan Inc.

    Triple W Japan Inc.


    • A wearable device that uses ultrasonic technology to measure the accumulation of urine in the bladder in real time
    • Able to notify the user in advance when they need to use the bathroom via applicaton.
  • Holoeyes Inc.

    Holoeyes Inc.

    “Holoeyes MD” and “Holoeyes VS”

    • Services for surgery examinations, training, education, etc. by converting 3D data generated from CT scans and MRIs into VR
    • Can easily create VR model from 3D data without the need for an engineer

With this certification, we will promote the introduction of each product and service in various field and contribute to the further growth of Tokyo.