Progress of field test

Initial Report

Innophys Co., Ltd.

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Innophys Co., Ltd. plans to start field trials on Monday, October 5 at Hino-ryogoen which is run by the Tokyo Social Welfare Cooperation.
The Hino-ryogoen staff will perform tasks such as changing patients’ diapers, moving or transferring patients, and bathing patients while wearing the ""Muscle Suit Every.” We will then verify the workload reduction effectiveness of ""Muscle Suit Every.”
The verification method will be conducted by giving questionnaires to staff and also through the use of motion capture to check the workload reduction effect. We will confirm its effectiveness with on-site motion capture footage.
This field trial will be carried out until the end of December.

Triple W Japan Inc.

トリプル・ダブリュー・ジャパン 株式会社-01
トリプル・ダブリュー・ジャパン 株式会社-02

Triple W Japan Inc. plans to start field trials at the Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital on Monday, November 16, and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital on Tuesday, November 17.
Patients hospitalized at the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery will wear ""DFree,” and by using ""DFree,"" which induces independent urination, verification of the effects will be conducted to see recovery of patients and the workload reduction effect on caregivers.
The verification method will be done through questionnaires and surveys regarding the degree of early recovery of inpatients, changes in the degree of independent urination, changes in the number of instances of incontinence, and the burden on nurses regarding excretion care.
This field trial will be carried out until the end of February 2021.

WAmazing, Inc.

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WAmazing Inc. starts field trials from Thursday, December 2, 2021 at Tokyo International Cruise Terminal.
The Tokyo International Cruise Terminal opened in October 2020 to accommodate the growing size of cruise ships. With the arrival of international cruise ships, it will be necessary to provide services to share attractive information of Tokyo to foreign tourists as well as support excursions and improve transportation convenience.
In its field trials, WAmazing installs vending machines for free SIM cards and transportation tickets at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal and conduct survey to see how their service may support the future journey of foreign travelers and verify the economic effect for the Cruise Terminal The company also conducts survey on the needs of foreigners living overseas when visiting Japan to examine the feasibility of their service.
The field trial will be carried out until the end of February 2022.

Holoeyes Inc.

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Holoeyes 株式会社-02

Holoeyes Inc. plans to begin field trials at the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital on Monday, November 30.
Verifications through VR in work productivity and efficiency will be conducted by providing services that can be used for surgery examinations, training, education, and more by converting 3D data generated from CT scans and MRIs into VR.
We plan to verify the effectiveness of this service on the efficiency of surgeries and the effect on the degrees of understanding of surgical staff and patients through surveys given to doctors who use the service.
This field trial will be carried out until the end of January 2021.